new collection launch

The Natural Glamour of our Mineral Art Collection

This collection, like most of my work, is inspired by nature.

Beginning of 2019 we travelled to Cape Town, the whole trip was like taking a bath in inspiration. E V E R Y T H I N G gave me new ideas : the abundant colors, the lovely people, the delicious food, the rocks beneath my feet, the wind, the Ocean with all its moods.

It took a while to work through all those different ideas. But I am very exited about it. You’ll see more of it very soon.

The Mineral Art collection is part of two collections inspired by the Boulders at Boulders Beach. Huge pebbles resting in a blue sea, changing colour every moment of the day.

Our human scale conditions how we see things. The endless crushing of the waves made me think about how we perceive things in our scale of time. We see the waves on the boulders but we don’t really notice the erosion. Sometimes we are lucky to see the result in wonderful designs nature presents us.

Photo by Pam Ivey on Unsplash

Mineral Art mixes earthy calm and the glamorous style of shimmering metallics . I have kept the shapes organic, rough cut.

I hope you like them.