Ik werd een zeepmaker om verschillende redenen.

Sommigen zouden zeggen dat het komt omdat ik een beetje een controle freak ben- ik wantrouw dingen waarvan ik niet goed begrijp waar ze vandaan komen. En geef toe er zitten veel vreemde dingen in onze badkamerkast-

Bij alles wat ik maak vraag ik me af hoe kan ik het zo eenvoudig en zo eerlijk mogelijk maken, en dan kom je al bijna vanzelf bij een duurzaam product uit.

Een van de grootste problemen waarmee je als zeepmaker wordt geconfronteerd is het gebruik van palmolie.

Palmolie is in essentie een heel mooi en waardevol product, maar wanneer het niet duurzaam met zorg voor biodiversiteit en mensen geproduceerd wordt, is het een enorm probleem. Onze losgeslagen consumptie heeft de druk op de productie helemaal uit evenwicht gebracht met desastreuze gevolgen voor het milieu.

Maar er is ook goed nieuws.

Ik heb me geëngageerd als een brandpartner voor


Palm done right is 100% biologisch, ontbossings-vrij, ondersteunt de biodiversiteit en is fair en sociaal.

Ik ben blij dat ik deel uitmaak van de beweging die een verschil kan maken.

The choices we make matter!

One of the dilemma ‘s a soapmaker faces is the use of Palm oil.

Palm oil is a fantastic product but sadly its production often is a disaster for the environment. I am very happy to announce that from now on I am a brand partner to Palm done right. Palm done right is 100% organic, de-forestation free, supports bio diversity and is fair and social.

Het zijn rare tijden.

Wij hadden een mooi plan, dit weekend zou ons atelier en winkeltje open gaan. Een project waar wij al een hele tijd met hart en ziel aan werken. 

Het is anders gelopen. Intussen zitten we met zijn allen om heel goede redenen in ons kot.

Maar makers gonna make en met zijn allen maken we er gewoon het beste van.

Daarom hebben we besloten een beperkt aantal van onze zepen ook op de webshop aan te bieden. 

En eens al de narigheid voorbij is zien we mekaar graag terug.

Mag ik nog een beetje over mijn zeepjes vertellen? 

De zeepjes van Upstream Studio zijn natuurlijk en handgemaakt. 

Zo simpel als goedemorgen.

Maar omdat we eenvoudige dingen een beetje vergeten zijn geef ik je hier nog wat meer uitleg.

Deze natuurzeep bevat geen ingrediënten uit de petro-chemische industrie, geen conserveermiddelen, geen schuimverbeteraars, geen stabilisatoren, geen synthetische geur- en kleurstoffen deze zijn trouwens dé grote veroorzakers van huidirritaties.

De glycerine die bij het zeep maken ontstaat, blijft in de zeep bewaard. Glycerine is een vochtvasthoudend middel en is verzachtend voor de huid. Gycerine wordt uit fabriekszeep afgeroomd en als bijproduct verkocht.

Ten huize Upstream worden op vraag van mr. Van Ranst -tig keer per dag handen gewassen. Als test kan dat tellen, en ik ben blij te melden dat er hier nog geen extra handcreme nodig is.

De natuurzeep van Upstream studio is goed voor je gezondheid en minder milieubelastend.

Wat er dan wel in zit vertel ik je bij elk zeepje.

Neem gerust een kijkje op de webshop onder categorie: zeep.

Om praktische redenen kunnen we de zeep alleen binnen Belgie versturen.
Tijdens de lockdown versturen we je pakjes gratis.

Blijf veilig vrienden. Zorg goed voor elkaar!


We zien mekaar later terug. Kijk intussen ook eens naar

Dear Friends

We had a plan. This weekend we were going to open our Studio and shop, but like the rest of the planet we had to change our plans.

But we are trying to make the best of a bad situation, therefore we have added some of our soaps to the webshop.

Unfortunately due to practical reasons we can’t send Soaps outside Belgium at the moment. When that changes we will let you know.

Jewelry is available for worldwide shipment as always.

During the Covid-19 lock down we will not charge shipment costs.

Stay safe my friends, take care of yourself and your nearest.

See you when all of this is over.




The party I missed!

My friends from all over the world met up for a Big Birthday party in Berlin. Work and other obligations made it impossible for me to join them. But they kept me in the loop with their whats app stories. I can’t believe I missed all that!

Berlin is an exciting mix of history and modern, Cold War aesthetic and Art Nouveau complement each other. There is a lively art scene, lots of creativity in independent shops and restaurants.  

A vibrant city, a bit rough on the edges, but never boring.

I was so sad that I couldn’t join them on their explorations but instead I did the next best thing: 

I designed a new collection inspired by their photos.

Meanwhile I’m planning my next citytrip.

Thanks Maeve and Lizzy for the lovely photos! X

Makers make it happen.

In our family we have been trying hard to reduce single use plastic waste a few years now.

Have a look in your bathroom cupboards and like me you will be overwhelmed by the amount of single use plastic you’ll find, shower gels, shampoos, toothpaste, body moisturisers, razors the list is long.

And if your family is like mine you’ll also have multiple shower gels and shampoo bottles open at once. My son never used the same shower gel his sister chose because there was a print of a princess on it. The same for shampoo and tooth paste…

We used up what we had and looked for natural plastic free alternatives.

But makers make the changes they want to see.

That is how I started making soap bars for my family. 

After a few months of research, experimenting and patience, I have now a nice range of all natural cold process soaps ready for you to try.

All soap is made with natural oils and butters, subtle scented with essential oils. 

Moving away from chemicals and going back to the basics of nature has given our family an new approach to the ritual of bathing. Using a soap bar that produces a luscious creamy abundant lather, that cleans without drying your skin feels familiar and comforting.

The best thing about it is that you can pamper yourself, without the guilt.

Go on! You deserve it.

We will be launching our first range at the markets next month:

Lokaal Boetiek Deerlijk 17/11

Lokaal Boetiek Aalst 24/11

Kerst Bazar Roesbrugge 30/11

Lokaal Boetiek Ieper 01/12

Hope to meet you there!

Saint Tropez

New Collection.

I stumbled upon this photograph by Slim Aarons. Aarons is renowned for his evocative photographs of, as he described it, attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.

This image is what summer is all about, a group of friends having a good time. 

I was drawn to the effortless elegance in this image. He captures the essence of a carefree summerday among friends.

Bringing to life the era of young Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon and a certain sense of insouciance

This is Saint Tropez avant le Bling. Glamour in it’s purest form.

A subtle balance between luxury and authenticity, the refinement of restaurants, art galleries, nightspots, and the natural spontaneity of the locals. 

l’Art de vivre in action!

no dull moments

The chaos is real!

Launching a webshop is a bit of a nerve wrecking experience.

Weeks of meticulous planning went into this project. Photo’s, graphic design, packaging, the website, a social media plan, a blogpost plan, I was prepared for everything,… and then real life happens. 

I promised you authenticity, so here goes:

A glitch in the webshop made it impossible for customers to order and pay on a mobile phone! I tell you I was NOT prepared for that. 

I ended up spending 4 (!) endless days chatting with a helpdesk and I was getting nowhere. Working at a helpdesk of a webshophost requires a special talent. There is a thin line between reassuring a desperate customer and being a patronising pain in the behind. That line has been crossed many times! 

After technical department sent me on several chases- no wild geese in sight- I was completely stuck.  I felt utterly stupid and without hope.

It is very hard to make a situation like that instagram-able. ’There goes my carefully constructed social media plan.’

Luckily people could still buy via laptop and tablet and luckily they did!

Meanwhile your reactions were fantastic! Thank you so much! you helped me through a few very hard days!

No way I was going to give up on this

In the end I was able to solve the problem myself. The problem was like it always is a very small issue that very smart people overlooked. I had to give up the beautiful shopping cart banner for mobile devices. But that’s ok for now, at least until technical department can assure me that it works smoothly.

Thankfully all the drama is now behind us.

Now I can concentrate on what is important: create more nice jewelry for beautiful people.

Lessons I have learned: 

  • you need a plan and a back up plan, and then expect all of those to go wrong.
  • Don’t get intimidated by technical people. You know what you did, don’t let them make you feel you made a mistake when you know you didn’t. You are not as stupid as they make you feel.
  • Trust your customers and concentrate on them. When people praise your work, enjoy it! Don’t let technical set backs spoil that.
  • Keep in mind what is your focus at all times. Forget about the instagram filters, I am going for what is real.

Now relative serenity has returned to the studio I can concentrate on new products. I can’t wait to show them. I’ll keep you posted.

In this part of the world school holidays have started and we are ready for summer! Enjoy it friends!

Check the webshop I have added lots of new stuff!

Spread the love.

The need to make

this new project is rooted in deep personal need to create. I become unhappy when I’m not making. There is so much in this beautiful world of ours that inspires me. I get restless when I try to store this only in my mind.

Two young children had kept me busy for a few years. At some point I used polymer clay in an art class for my kids and I immediately realised the fantastic possibilities this medium has. It took me a few months research to find a material that fits my artistic needs, but I can also use with a clear conscience.

Exploring new techniques, thinking about shapes and material it has been a thrill and I’m sure I have a lot to learn still.

I intend to share this experience with you all.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.