no dull moments

no dull moments

The chaos is real!

Launching a webshop is a bit of a nerve wrecking experience.

Weeks of meticulous planning went into this project. Photo’s, graphic design, packaging, the website, a social media plan, a blogpost plan, I was prepared for everything,… and then real life happens. 

I promised you authenticity, so here goes:

A glitch in the webshop made it impossible for customers to order and pay on a mobile phone! I tell you I was NOT prepared for that. 

I ended up spending 4 (!) endless days chatting with a helpdesk and I was getting nowhere. Working at a helpdesk of a webshophost requires a special talent. There is a thin line between reassuring a desperate customer and being a patronising pain in the behind. That line has been crossed many times! 

After technical department sent me on several chases- no wild geese in sight- I was completely stuck.  I felt utterly stupid and without hope.

It is very hard to make a situation like that instagram-able. ’There goes my carefully constructed social media plan.’

Luckily people could still buy via laptop and tablet and luckily they did!

Meanwhile your reactions were fantastic! Thank you so much! you helped me through a few very hard days!

No way I was going to give up on this

In the end I was able to solve the problem myself. The problem was like it always is a very small issue that very smart people overlooked. I had to give up the beautiful shopping cart banner for mobile devices. But that’s ok for now, at least until technical department can assure me that it works smoothly.

Thankfully all the drama is now behind us.

Now I can concentrate on what is important: create more nice jewelry for beautiful people.

Lessons I have learned: 

  • you need a plan and a back up plan, and then expect all of those to go wrong.
  • Don’t get intimidated by technical people. You know what you did, don’t let them make you feel you made a mistake when you know you didn’t. You are not as stupid as they make you feel.
  • Trust your customers and concentrate on them. When people praise your work, enjoy it! Don’t let technical set backs spoil that.
  • Keep in mind what is your focus at all times. Forget about the instagram filters, I am going for what is real.

Now relative serenity has returned to the studio I can concentrate on new products. I can’t wait to show them. I’ll keep you posted.

In this part of the world school holidays have started and we are ready for summer! Enjoy it friends!

Check the webshop I have added lots of new stuff!

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