You don’t have to shout to be heard.

Making a statement isn’t the same as being Loud. 

The bigger the better is the trend but I don’t follow that rule. To be honest, there aren’t many rules that I follow at all.

I think the shape of your face and of your ear lobe, your personal taste and especialy your mood should determine what kind of earrings you choose.

Les petites are a range of smaller modern and minimalist earrings. 

In my designs I have always been drawn to natural forms. I pay attention to natural shapes, such as bones, leafs and pebbles and i use these in my work. Even when I use geometrical forms I aim to make them so that they are not rigid. I try to add life to each piece.

This is about power without being loud.

About elegance not about ornament. It is about Simplicity with Character.

All true elegance is effortless.

I hope you like them.

I’m sure you’ll find some to match your personality.

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