Makers make it happen.

In our family we have been trying hard to reduce single use plastic waste a few years now.

Have a look in your bathroom cupboards and like me you will be overwhelmed by the amount of single use plastic you’ll find, shower gels, shampoos, toothpaste, body moisturisers, razors the list is long.

And if your family is like mine you’ll also have multiple shower gels and shampoo bottles open at once. My son never used the same shower gel his sister chose because there was a print of a princess on it. The same for shampoo and tooth paste…

We used up what we had and looked for natural plastic free alternatives.

But makers make the changes they want to see.

That is how I started making soap bars for my family. 

After a few months of research, experimenting and patience, I have now a nice range of all natural cold process soaps ready for you to try.

All soap is made with natural oils and butters, subtle scented with essential oils. 

Moving away from chemicals and going back to the basics of nature has given our family an new approach to the ritual of bathing. Using a soap bar that produces a luscious creamy abundant lather, that cleans without drying your skin feels familiar and comforting.

The best thing about it is that you can pamper yourself, without the guilt.

Go on! You deserve it.

We will be launching our first range at the markets next month:

Lokaal Boetiek Deerlijk 17/11

Lokaal Boetiek Aalst 24/11

Kerst Bazar Roesbrugge 30/11

Lokaal Boetiek Ieper 01/12

Hope to meet you there!